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May 13, 2012

I’ve been sewing a lot this past week, more so than usual.

Exhibit A:


Nah just kidding. I turned that chiffon into a dress! You get to see it from Hugo’s perspective.


I also worked on a pair of pants. I don’t know that they’ll be as cool as the plaid ones but they’re definitely more wearable.


To all you Momma’s out there, especially the dog ones, Happy Mother’s Day!

PS: I wanted to do this post in vlog form but I caught a cold and my sexy phlegm voice isn’t so sexy anymore. Sorry guys.

PPS: Boojiboo will be at the Strawberry Festival next week. Say hi! Eat strawberry pizza! Drink strawberry beer! Buy strawberry-related things! Or not.

All Days Should Be This Awesome

May 5, 2012

My sister and I have been wanting to try Bottega Louie for a while so today we drove down for brunch.

Portobello fries! A definite must if you go.


Lobster hash.

Eggs, potatoes, and veggies.


We ordered a chocolate souffle for dessert and when it came to the table the server put on a show. He assaulted it with a spoon then lifted the cream holder above our heads. He poured the cream into the newly-made hole with expert precision and BAM! The souffle was ready to be devoured. Fancy.


On our way out I grabbed a pack of five macarons. The strawberry and salted caramel were the only ones that made an impression.


We stopped at Half and Half, a tea house that is known for their ridiculous wait. They add pudding to your drink  if you want but it’s more like gelatin. I like it but know it weirds some people out. I usually get the ice milk with caramel, honey boba, and pudding.


When we got home I sewed up a tank. I cut the hem off in the photo but it’s asymmetrical…my favorite!


After I finished the shirt  I took new apron photos. An announcement was never made on the blog but the French Maid Aprons are listed. There’s the classic black and white, black and white dot with colors, and soon there will be solid black with colors. Some are made to order (one week turnaround time) but we at Boojiboo headquarters are doing our best to make sure that changes.


Here’s Hugo in all his cuteness.


And just in case you think Lily’s being neglected, no. She isn’t. If anything she’s getting MORE attention to make up for the change.


 A long  (but awesome) day.

Tomorrow I’ll be home knitting my heart out. Hope you have a lovely weekend!


(Hand Knit) Sweater Weather!

May 2, 2012



The knitting gods answered my prayers for sweater weather. I debuted this sucker today and I’m in love.


I paired it with a black tank, black jeans, and black boots.

Oh sweater weather, please stay a little longer!

(The pattern is Bird of Passage by Asami Kawa)

Lily’s Second Birthday

May 2, 2012

People were in attendance but let’s be real, they’re not as photogenic.




Not Choking Him I Swear





Meet Lily’s New Playmate!

April 29, 2012

Hugo Boss

"Hugo, eatttttttt!"




Backseat drivers

His name is Hugo Boss and he’s a seventeen month old frenchie. Poor fella couldn’t catch a break with his previous two homes.

I picked him up this morning and since then he’s been Lily’s shadow. They’re so smitten with each other it’s great!

The two of them are passed out behind me after an epic romp in the park . I’m still not used to calling his name so there were a few moments he got away from me and into the water. I freaked at first but then another woman had her dog in there too so uh…NBD I guess.

Tonight is Lily’s birthday celebration; my piglet is turning TWO! Like last year, all the dogs (Hugo included) will have outfits.

So off I go for some last minute preparations. Cheers from Lily, Hugo, and me!

Sunday Funday

April 22, 2012

I went to the dog beach with my sister and a few of her friends today. Everyone brought their dogs so it was a whole lot of cute with a side of crazy.

All Wanted Up

New Friend

On Alert



Didn't Want To Get His Butt Dirty

Sister and Maggie Waggie


Safety First


My girl

Maggie Waggie

I also cut my hair. Photo on the right was taken after the buzz. You can’t even tell half of it’s gone, right?

Can't Tell Half Is Gone, Can You?

And I can FINALLY use a chopstick to hold it up (before it was too heavy). I used to be so jealous of my friends who held pencils in their hair during class. How convenient.


So great, so great. Did you do anything fun this weekend?!

Weekend Recap

April 15, 2012

Finished knitting my pullover!!!

Don’t think I can debut it until winter which is kind of a shame but it’s my own fault for taking so long.

Almost finished. Neck band is last and it's only six rows.

The blocking process went a lot faster this time around. I could have used better schematics (only had length from shoulder to hem, width of sleeve, and width of body at underarms) but there hasn’t been a project where I didn’t feel this way.


On Saturday I had dim sum (or yum cha) with the family.

For those that don’t know what it’s like, the food sits in a cart  and gets pushed around all the tables. If you spot something you want you wave the cart down and the food is brought to you.

Below are some of the things we ordered–chicken feet, fried squid, and various dumplings. With chicken feet you’re constantly spitting out cartilage and bone. Most don’t mind but when I ate meat it was too much of a pain.

Dim sum
Another two dishes worth mentioning are pig blood and pig rectum. The blood is coagulated and served in cube form while the rectum is sliced and served with veggies (below). From what I hear both have a very strong taste.

Pig rectum. Seriously.

If you ever get the chance to have dim sum, go! They do have more normal things like shrimp, veggies, egg rolls, or noodles. I just picked the weirder things to share.


Happy Sunday!


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