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Inappropriate Summer Knitting + A Meetup

June 22, 2012

You guys, I’m working on a merino pullover.

Possibly the worst time to knit such a thing but it was one of those projects that needed to be started right away.


I’m already at the neck shaping (it’s worked bottom up) and hope to have it finished soon.

Too Fuzzy

Last week I went to Larchmont Bungalow to meet up with Katie of Under the Red Umbrella. She’s awesome and didn’t even mention my jacked eyebrow 😉 So glad I have a local knitting friend!

Red and Blue Velvet Pancakes

Hope you all have lovely weekend!


Flower Cushion

June 16, 2012





I gave the cushion to my sister. When I finished the front I knew immediately it belonged on a chair of hers. I didn’t even ask. I just put it there and left. SURPRISE!

Lately I’ve Been…

June 15, 2012

Knitting. I’m making another Burberrish Cowl.


Crocheting. I finished the front and back of the cushion. Just have to seam it up and make the insert!


Sewing. I made a skirt with an asymmetrical hem (my favorite type).


Planning. This weekend I’ll be meeting up with a fellow knitter/blogger and I’m so nervous. I hope I don’t say anything stupid, I mean, I already look stupid…I cut off part of my eyebrow when I trimmed my bangs this afternoon! Only me.

Happy Friday!


June 13, 2012

I used to hate it.  It made me feel worse about myself and was too much for my lungs and knees. But now that I’ve been at it for a few weeks and my body’s getting stronger I finally see the appeal.

Trail Running

I have a long ass way to go but with each run I do see improvement in my time and that’s enough to keep me going for now.

I don’t know that I’ll ever be as fast as Amanda or develop super awesome running powers like Katie but I’m going to try!

Memorial Day

May 28, 2012

I went to dog beach with the usual gang–my sister, her husband, their two boxers, and my two kiddies.

It was Hugo’s first time and I think he had the most fun.




Lily was her usual weird self on the ride home and chose to face the seat instead of forward.

She's facing the seat.

And here’s Maggie. Totally over it.


Hope you all had a lovely Monday! I’m off to finish some crochet pieces.


May 24, 2012

After an epic hike on Wednesday I decided 2013 is the year for redemption.



You see, I did the LA Marathon in 2010 and I SUCKED. Royally.


I was more embarrassed than proud at the end because I knew I could have done better. Others of course were like, “OMG! You did it!” and it was like yeah, I did it, but not well.

Signups haven’t opened yet but I already committed to it with a few friends. I’m so excited. I’m going to train and do it right this time around.


Hugo’s been hiking with me but never struggled until today. At one point I thought I’d have to carry this 40 pound beast! But then he saw a bunny and ran like the wind. All was fine.


Have any of you done a marathon before and if so, how was it? How did you train?


PS: This is what happens when Hugo doesn’t get attention.

Weekend Recap

May 21, 2012

What we hoped to sell tons of.


What we actually sold tons of.


What I was most excited to buy.


What I was most excited to eat.


What exaggerated excitement looks like.


What I was pleasantly surprised to find in the boonies.


What I thought would be a quick and easy project.


What I felt like at the beginning.


What I felt like by the end.


What made me forget everything that sucked (sort of).