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Hugo + Some Updates

September 12, 2012

I have five high-quality (non-iPhone) photos of Hugo. Pretty ridiculous considering his face looks like THIS.

THIS face.

His photos made me realize I need to start carrying my DSLR again. The iPhone, while convenient, doesn’t even compare quality-wise. I forgot for a second there ;)

Hugo’s been with us for almost five months now and I’m happy to report that he and Lily are BFFs. I was really concerned I wouldn’t be able to handle two on my own but it’s actually a little easier as they keep each other entertained.  His separation anxiety has disappeared and I think he knows he’s with us for the long haul.

I know I haven’t posted that much craftiness lately but with good reason. I’m putting together a small clothing collection! It’s not for retail or anything major, just my portfolio. I’ve grown a lot since I first started and my portfolio needs to reflect that.

I’ve been able to sneak in some knitting at night and have two projects on the needles. One is a cardigan that hasn’t reached the photographable state yet and the other has to be kept secret until the end of the month.

I have a dentist appointment today and I think they’re going to tell me if busting my jaw is really necessary. Wish me luck.

Santa Barbara

August 26, 2012

Santa Barbara with my friends was pretty damn awesome. I’ll spare you the details and just share the few photos I took.

















August 16, 2012




Bird Mittens

August 11, 2012

The right mitt was my first attempt at fair isle one and a half years ago. It sucked. The left mitt, which I just finished yesterday, turned out much better. Even stitches, even tension. I blocked the two together and while the right one improved, the difference between them is still noticeable.

Momma's Mitts

Lumpy right mitten on the left, awesome left mitten on the right. (Guess I wasn’t paying attention when I put them down to photograph!)


Awesome left mitten on the left, lumpy right mitten on the right.


I have a few dresses to finish today and tomorrow I’ll be out and about. Hope you all have a great weekend!

As of Late

August 3, 2012

I started the Sidewalk Shawl last week during the opening ceremonies. It took a while for me to get used to the written instructions (charts are my preference) but I got the hang of it after a repeat. So far I’m “meh” about the project. I was going to power through it but I think I have to set it aside and work on something else.

Unofficial Ravellenic Project

I finished my pullover (based off this one by Vince) a few weeks ago and I’m really happy with how it turned out. Definitely worth my time and the best part? The yarn was free.

My Version of a Vince Openwork Pullover

Today I went to The Griddle Cafe with Katie and it was amazing. I ordered the Black Magic Pancakes and was shocked when the waiter brought them out. Seriously, 12″ in diameter. And there were three. She was a lot more responsible and ordered a waffle.

"Black magic" from The Griddle Cafe in WeHo

Now I’m off to re-knit these mittens. Lily and Hugo will be nearby, I’m sure. Happy Friday!

Sunny Girl


Dress Deets

July 21, 2012





Birthday Week

July 16, 2012


 My actual birthday was last Monday but the real celebration took place Saturday at The Magic Castle. I had really high expectations going in and, thankfully, it didn’t disappoint.

We were required to have dinner at the castle but after we were free to wander. On our way to one of the main shows we found a guy sitting at a table by himself. When we realized he was a magician we asked for some magic and he obliged. I assisted in a few of his tricks but felt too much pressure. I was over analyzing the simplest commands like “pick a card” or “stick your finger through this cigar cutter”. When that was finished we caught two main shows and two smaller acts.

Even though each performer made it very clear that whatever we saw was an illusion or sleight of hand, I still found myself asking “WHAT? HOW?” after every act.

It was just a great time and if any of you have the opportunity to go, GO.


My family booked this months ago. I was warned well in advance they have a strict dress code but didn’t bother checking until a week before. Luckily I still had enough time to make a dress.

Office Burger

To end the week I went to Father’s Office with my siblings. They’re known for the Office Burger which is rated one of the best in the world. While I wasn’t blown away by it, my brother teared up after the first bite. I’m not kidding.



Hope all of you had a great week!


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