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Thanksgiving Weekend

November 28, 2010




Slept in, sewed, and pigged out.


Slept in, got my hair cut (rockin’ a Cleopatra hairdo) with the siblings, pigged out (dim sum), and shopped (bought a parka)


Slept in, finished my chest tattoo (holy CRAP that sucker hurt), and pigged out at Polly’s Pies for the first time.



Slept in, ate left over apple pie a la mode for breakfast (seriously), pigged out (Porto’s), sewed (finished the fixer upper), and now about to go to sleep.

Other random tidbits from this weekend:

Lily’s version of Thanksgiving

-Father dropped internet modem –> Mother using children’s smartphones

-Rain –> Leaky roof –> Wet computer –> Smoke

-Rain –> Leaky roof –> Tarps covering ceiling –> No heater (no ventilation) –> Cold and miserable –> SICK IZABELLE

-Sick Izabelle –> Living hell for everyone else

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  1. November 29, 2010 7:41 am

    That food looks so good!!!

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