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September 27, 2010

…was fantastic and the food to die for.
Victoria Sponge

Victoria sponge. Mmmm real cream!


Mmmmm grease!



The fam bam attended a beautiful wedding Friday (the whole point of this trip) and on Saturday my sister and I went to the London Tattoo Convention. I had wanted to get tattooed by a certain artist so had to be at the very very front of the line. I ended up being number three which gave me hope but it wasn’t meant to be. She only had a spot for one person and that one person must have gone to the show 3+ hours in advance 😦  We both walked away with two new tats though and I’m going to book one with her next year.


Car Boot!

On Sunday we headed to a car boot sale where my Aunt bought me this adorable floral table. It’s small and collapses so it’s perfect for when I need a little more space. The owl wall hanging was from a previous sale and looks to be something from a DIY kit back in the day. I only purchased one other item (string holder) but it’s packed away somewhere.


On our last day we headed to Tesco…it was quite a successful stop! Picked up some of my favorite sweets–crunchies, maltesers, fruit pastilles, and hob nobs. The locals looked at us like we were INSANE…understandable though since our pile was so massive.

I’m back home and already missing the food. Every morning we’d wake up to a plate of scones, croissants, and toast with our choice of custard, clotted cream, or jam on the table… and warmed up in the OVEN instead of the microwave. Madness, right? My Aunty even packed my Sister and I lunch the day we were at the convention. We each got a sandwich (crustless!), juice box, lollipop, and a roll of fruit pastilles. So sweet!



"Aww, man!"


I’m gonna miss her babies too, they were adorable. Every morning they’d climb in bed and we were always always always greeted with cries and toys.


I was unbelievably excited to see Smelly and the Babies though… I wish they could have come with us! When I unpacked Smelly jumped right in. Aww.

Now for some random tidbits:


Not used to such cold weather, I refused to take my socks off when given slippers. Sexy, right?




There’s B being silly at the rehearsal. She sure picked a winner!

I wish it wasn’t such a short trip, there wasn’t enough time!

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  1. Moniek permalink
    November 20, 2011 10:46 am

    Nice chinese slippers. When i see them, i will wear them.


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