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Sorry Old Man

August 20, 2010

I just realized how much yellow I used… It’s a good thing the yellow skein is almost done! These are only a few of the ones I finished, I have a few that weren’t worthy of being included.

I’m awaiting a yarn delivery from Jimmy Beans Wool. I received a partial shipment today so when I get the rest of it I’ll reveal my super secret plans. So far their customer service has been fantastic and shipping super super fast. It was my first online yarn purchase and I have a feeling they’ll be my go-to site. My receipt had a happy face (I’m an avid supporter of smiley faces in emails and notes) and they included candy! Granted it was root beer flavored and I hate it, but it’s the thought that counts!

I also received these lovely vintage heeled sandals from etsy seller Sugar Lily. Lightning fast shipping and a lovely handwritten thank you note!

My usual Starbucks run was interesting today. My arm was stretched out and nearly touching the door handle when a man said, “Here, I got it.” By the time he finished saying that I had already opened the door so I said “Thanks anyway!” He followed me in and in an irritated voice said something along the lines of, “I said I was going to get it.”

Sorry old man, you just weren’t fast enough! 😉

I’m going to start the weekend off by watching Eat Pray Love with two of my besties, I hope you all enjoy yours!


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