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Lily Countdown Continued!

July 23, 2010

On my mission to make Lily the most fashionable and badass frenchie ever I came across a few websites and accessories that screamed “rad” instead of “lame”.

Etsy seller GreenBelts makes some of the coolest accessories. Everything in her store is made from recycled leather. The babies have numerous (custom) matching collar and leash sets from this lovely woman and working with her is always a great experience! No doubt Lily will be getting a set or two… She makes accessories for people as well! Belts, cuffs, shoe chains, rings, ankle cuffs…Check her out!

BowhausNYC also has some really cool collars and leashes for your pups. I’m quite smitten with the “tattoo collar” above…  they also have adorable carriers (which sadly only fit dogs up to 15 lbs.), crate covers, and sleek dining sets–portable or stationary.

While browsing I came across another item by BowhausNYC–a crate bed! It has a removable cover in a lovely kitschy print. You can purchase it with a matching crate cover or just the cushion/bed itself. The same site had another cute bed…or so I thought. It’s actually a duvet cover. In addition to purchasing the cover, you have to buy another bag where you have to stuff it yourself.

PetFlys is another site that wants to channel the inner badass of pooches. Out of the two carriers they had the two above would be my picks…I’m not oohing and aahing, but I’d carry one of these over any other plastic, faux leather, or nylon carrier (if they were sturdy enough to support Lily’s weight). My only beef with the design is that only one end has the mesh and the top is zipped shut. For Lily, I’m making sure her carrier has more ventilation and an opening for her to stick her head out if she wants to (the zipper opening doesn’t count–it’d be too tight!)

Some other sites I came across that piqued my interest…

Pussy and Pooch is a pet store, grooming salon, and “bar” for your furbabies. They have stores in Los Angeles and now Long Beach! When I have some freetime I’m definitely taking Lily to one of these locations…I might treat her to some dog sushi if she’s good!

The Modern Dog is an online pet store for modern dogs and modern cats. The selection online is limited, but there are some similar items between this store and All Modern Pet so if one doesn’t have a certain size you can always check the other.

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