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Hong Kong Day 11 and 12

July 18, 2010

It’s coming to an end! I’m excited to be in my own house again but also sad I’m leaving such a wonderful place. The weather sucked but the food, shopping, and company made up for it.

In the last post I left off saying I was going to the ladies and temple street night markets. It poured on and off a few times but I was able to walk away with some ridiculously cute owl accessories. Mirrors, pouches, and coin purses! I only pictured a few items, but trust me, I purchased a LOT more.

On Sunday after breakfast I went to my Aunty’s favorite market where my Momma bought me a second hair bow. Went back to the hotel for some afternoon tea and had my last scone in HK 😦

After that I packed for a teeny bit and joined the fam bam for pre-dinner snacks and then off we went to the MTR to return our Octopus cards. We slowly made our way to the 24-hour restaurant for a third time and I ordered the same noodles I had the first two times along with the best milk tea ever. There were nine of us and we all had it!

It’s already Monday morning (1:05AM) and the flight is at 11AM meaning I need to be up in 6.5 hours!

Some things I learned the past few days:

–Most people here have no sense of personal space. I cannot count how many times people have put their face within an inch of my tattooed arm.

–The sellers at the market BUG and make NO SENSE. I touched a bag wanting to see what it was made out of and the woman started screaming at me, “YOU WANT YOU WANT?” After I yelled back “no!” twice, she said in Chinese, “IF YOU’RE NOT GOING TO BUY YOU CAN’T TOUCH…ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!” Mannnn did I give her the stink eye.

–“Ngo em sick gong gong dng wah” means “I do not speak Chinese (or is it Cantonese?)”. Came in very handy! It did confuse the locals though since to them I was saying that in a normal Chinese accent.

Memorable quotes:

“You should carry a lollipop around with you, they’ll think it’s a weapon.”–Aunty when discussing my tattoos at the market. She joked I could have passed as a triad boss’ wife or girlfriend. hehe

“The people parted when she walked by!”–Aunty again telling my Mom about the people’s reactions to my tattoos after the market.

So yes, my family is really really cute. Another example of cuteness–my BIL came back from shopping with a blanket for my almost-puppy Lily. He said they were “lily-pops”!

It’s just about 1:30Am right now and I need to suh-leep! If I was smart I’d pull an all-nighter so I could fall asleep on the plane, but alas I am not. Another 15 hour flight–leave at 11AM Monday morning and arrive at 1PM Monday afternoon. Trippy stuff.

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