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Hong Kong Days 8, 9, and 10

July 16, 2010

Thursday I hit a few malls and pet shops with the sister hoping to find a carrier for my almost-puppy. Had no luck though, they were all too ugly. In one of them there was a giant store called Muji. Usually I’m a quick shopper but when it comes to stationery or paper anything I take a long time. I’m very particular with my pens and pencils so when I find some I like, I need duplicates just in case!

We stumbled upon a Vivienne Westwood store and I found the raddest belt ever. The strange thing is, it’s from Japan and is “free size”… how on earth can a belt be one size and expected to fit everybody?

On our way back to the hotel we hit a dessert stall that specialized in mango concoctions. I had what my Aunty had the night before–sago in mango with coconut milk.

After my twinny twin saw my really rad belt he wanted one of his own, too (it’s a men’s belt apparently). We hit another VW store since he wanted a black one with a silver pin. He couldn’t find one there but he found a briefcase/messenger type bag instead.

While perusing the store my Sister showed me a fanny pack…Yes, a fanny pack. I have a new appreciation for these bags that give me two free hands. I knocked them in the past, but that was before I realized their awesomeness and convenience. I purchased it and my sister got a matching one. On the way to dinner we went back to the first VW store and luckily for the twin, that afternoon they got in a new shipment and in that shipment was a black belt with a silver pin!

Yesterday after the biggest breakfast EVER (two waffles, eggs, hashbrowns, jook, two croissants, and pineapple), I hung out in the room for what seemed like ages (it was only a few hours). I had a not-so-great chen-dohl then went to Wan Chai for lunch. I had the greatest squid in this Thai-Chinese fusion restaurant.

We had plans to go to the night market on Temple Street but it started pouring. There have been typhoon warnings for the past few days but luckily we only got the tail end of it. We went to the hotel lounge and talked for a few hours. Since the fam bam didn’t have dinner, a few of us went to the McDonald’s across the street. The McFlurry’s are half the size they are in the US! They also have pork burgers (sister said it tasted like spam) but it’s just meat and the buns. No lettuce, ketchup, mustard, mayo… nada.

Went back to the hotel and met up with my Dad at the downstairs record store and that ended the day.

This morning I went back to the first pet store I went to (the one I got Lily’s leash at) and bought some toys. I went with sister to Sogo and went to the bottom floor which is the food level–I just inhaled a waffle with peanut butter and condensed milk in between. I’m surprised I haven’t gained weight here! Tonight we will go to the night market provided the weather doesn’t suck.

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