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Hong Kong Day 3

July 11, 2010

I started the day at 6AM with a 6 mile run/hike/walk through the streets of Hong Kong with the usual workout gang–sista, BIL, and myself. All the locals were flipping out at the length of the skorts my sister and I were sporting… not short by any means according to CA standards but here the women wear skirts below their knees!

After that long ordeal we went back to the hotel to clean up and went back to Cafe One to eat our breakfast buffet. Eggs + hashbrowns have become “the usual” for me.

The fam bam wanted to go to Kowloon after, though our efforts were delayed a bit when out of nowhere it started POURING!!! It’s the weirdest feeling when it’s still 90 degrees Fahrenheit outside but it looks like a typhoon’s about to hit. It was over within 15 minutes though and we left to catch the MTR.

We checked out a few ‘communist shops’ (my Momma swears you can see the difference, but I saw absolutely no difference in stock, people, or atmosphere). I walked away with nada. My sister found this really cool shark backpack in the streets but they only had one left. We were able to find more later though, so she got me one! After some intense shopping we were all exhausted and thirsty so stopped for some mango sago. So good!

Since we took the MTR to Kowloon, we decided to do something new and took the Star Ferry back to the mainland. We were a little discombobulated leaving the station, but -I’m glad we were because if we weren’t I would have totally missed the best smile inducing compliment EVER.

There was a slim Asian girl–short spiky hair with bleached tips, an off the shoulder grey top and some stunna shades. She had her back tattooed as well as her upper arm. I was admiring her work when I looked up at her face and realized she was checking mine out, too. Before I knew it she said in the most awesome raspy voice ever, “nice tattoos”. I smiled and said thanks, but was so shocked by her compliment I didn’t get the chance to tell her hers were nice also. She headed for the escalators and I happily told my twinny what happened. I looked back to show him who the raddest girl I’ve seen in all of Hong Kong was and she was looking back at me. As lame as it sounds, I felt like I just saw a celebrity. She  just exuded coolness. You have to understand–not only was she the most tattooed person I’ve yet to see in Hong Kong, but she was a she and hers were actually nice! Also, in HK people’s manners are lacking. The phrase “excuse me” doesn’t exist really, so her compliment totally made my day. Should have asked for a picture, argh!

We wandered the streets for a looooong while before heading to the market where everything is dirt cheap. DIRT CHEAP. I was quite ‘over it’ by the end–I had run 6 miles and was able to keep up with the two runners, but it was quite the effort. I had sprained my knee yesterday on the treadmill and the morning run + afternoon shopping really made it angry.

Eventually we made it back to the hotel. Everybody else went out to dinner and I’m here in the hotel by my lonesome. They said they were going to eat somewhere ‘local’ but the whole idea of not knowing exactly where we would eat and the possibility of us having to walk quite far deterred me. Risk=not worth it. So fur lunch and dinner I’m eating left over birthday cake. Healthy, right? It’s chocolate mousse with rasberry!

HK time: 8:12PM: July 11, 2010

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  1. July 11, 2010 6:51 am

    Nice blog, it tickles my pina colada.

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