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Hong Kong Day 1

July 8, 2010

15 hour flight. Crying baby. 7,255 miles. 90 degrees Fahrenheit with 90% humidity before 10AM. Doesn’t sound like much of a vacation, right? Well, it really wasn’t that bad. Since I was on the red eye I was pretty sleepy–I managed to sleep the first seven hours and dozed on and off the rest of the time. Everybody warned me about the heat in Hong Kong and how it is like NOTHING I’ve ever experienced. They were right.

I stepped out of the airport and my breathing was immediately affected. I’ve since gotten used to it so no biggie, but JEEZE, you really can’t compare the weather to anywhere else. Since we arrived in HK at six in the morning, we headed straight to the hotel to get our grub on. The plane food wasn’t too bad, but we only had two meals–dinner and breakfast (had blueberry cheesecake, and it was by far the BEST cheesecake I’ve EVER had!). The hotel has this complimentary buffet breakfast type deal going on and it was so good. Fruits, cereals, croissants, donuts, toast, eggs, sausage, bacon… The works. The five pics above are of the view from my hotel window. Purty, huh?

After that Momma wanted us to get our bearings so we all headed downstairs to the MTR station to get our octopus cards. We wandered a bit before we found a place to eat (won ton & gai-lan). We passed a bakery and remembered we had to buy a cake–it’s my birthday tomorrow! Further down was another bakery and we ate some egg tarts. Headed over to the times square mall (NINE STORIES!!!) and then to Starbucks to get our coffee fix. Momma’s sciatica kicked in so we headed back to the hotel to  hang for a bit before din din.

I cast on Lily’s blanket and enjoyed the Discovery Channel in the wonderful air conditioned room.

Dinner was typical Chinese food. Our only peeve was the lack of napkins. I then learned that in Hong Kong, you’re just not given napkins…or toilet paper. Yeah, they expect you to carry your own. Strange, right? And speaking of strange, check out that chick in the “chicks” billboard above…what’s with the extra lumps?

The birthday cake was chocolate with some fruit in between, I have no idea what kind. Twin and I were going to go to the fitness center but food coma hit me and I am so exhausted.

This may be  overwhelmingly detailed–I’d rather have too many memories than not enough. Since I type pretty quicky (100WPM) it’s easy for me to go overboard 🙂

Cheers from HK!

HK Time: 8:44 PM: July 8, 2010

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  1. debbie permalink
    July 9, 2010 9:46 pm

    Gosh- I still can’t get over how talented you are! Your photos and writing are great – I love that you are knitting a blanket for Lily! She is going to LOVE it!
    Your food pics are delish!- your are a true “foodie”
    I am too, but I have been in DIET BOOT CAMP since April 1st. I’m in the final stages, though…It’s been quite a journey for me. ( I have lost 62 lbs ( I had looked 9 months pregnant for the last 12 years!- I have 8 more lbs to go- then I go to a maintenance program).
    Anyway, overweight is usually more mental than most people think- so I’m sure you can enjoy your gastronomic escapades- and not worry.

    • July 10, 2010 5:24 am

      Aww, you’re so sweet! Until you said it I never realized how much of a ‘foodie’ I am. And wow, you’ve lost so much weight, good for you! 🙂 Since this is sort of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity I’m eating all I can, I’ll work everything else out once I get back haha.

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