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Lace and Cable Sock

July 5, 2010

Yeah, only one.

So far in my knitting lifetime I’ve only made 2.5 pairs of socks. This is my best fitting one. I think I finally ‘got’ how much negative ease I need and what size I should go with from now on when knitting them (medium)…I wrote so many notes complete with measurements, diagrams, and sarcastic comments to myself. Oi.

I only knit this pattern because of the yarn I had–I don’t remember if it was because of yardage or type that limited my choices.

I used the sewn bind off that so many people swear by, and quite frankly, I’m not a fan. The book (Socks from the Toe Up) said it’d be ruffly when it is relaxed (in pic above) but flat when stretched…mine is not flat when stretched. I wonder if I went down in needle size for the 1×1 rib if that would have made a difference…or if I wasn’t a rebel and didn’t make the cables go through the cuff.

The yarn was alright. It separated easily but it’s so soft!

The pattern is also nothing special. While not the worst project I’ve ever done, it definitely isn’t one of my favorites. Good news is, I’m ready to start my blanket for Lily (soooo over the tragedy that is my sock)! I have the yarn (pink!) and pattern (Pine Forest Baby Blanket) picked out.

All I have to do now is pack. The idea of planning my outfits so far in advance grosses me out. I don’t know how all these fashionistas/bloggers do it.

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