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Starting Out

April 26, 2010

Photo by Dottie Angel!

I decided to participate in knitting and crochet blog week! For an entire week I’ll be postin’ about the two crafts. There’s a topic for each day (so I’m not just spewing out randomness), and topic numero uno  is how I learned to knit and crochet.

As mentioned in my about me, I learned to crochet when I was six. My Momma saw me hovering over her shoulder while she was crocheting one day and asked if I wanted to learn. I only learned to chain, but that was more than anyone else my age could do and I was damn proud.  My first finished crochet project was a little pink bag–just a basic rectangular pouch and a long chained strap. I made the strap, my Momma made the pouch, and I told everyone I made the whole thing. After mastering the chain stitch, I purchased two books on scarves that had other basic stitches and have used those for reference ever since!

As for knitting, well, it was hard. In my mind I had already conquered the art of crochet, so next was the art of knitting. When I was eight, my Momma gave me some awful turquoise acrylic yarn and pair of plastic size eight needles to practice with. She taught me how to hold them (she held her right needle like a pencil and the left needle was underneath) then made me do a swatch which came out all wack… I was dropping and adding stitches like you wouldn’t believe! She was sweet about it though–every two minutes I’d make her “fix it” and she did so without complaining. I think she was partially amused though because I remember her chuckling when she said, “I don’t understand how you did this…” or “You didn’t even knit this! You just…moved it…kind of…”

After a few rows I gave up. I balled up the yarn, shoved the needles into the skein, and hid it in one of her shelves (she couldn’t know I was quitter and I didn’t want to be reminded). It was another two years before I decided to look at that wad of yuckiness again.  I asked my Mom to refresh my memory on the basics and made another swatch. I decided I liked holding both needles under my hand instead of her way, so I practiced for a while until my tension was consistent. That swatch was my only “project” for years until one day I came across the pattern for a Marc by Marc Jacobs Ruffle Scarf and cast on.

So yeah, that’s basically it. Thanks Momma! If you want to see what I’ve made click the links to the top right of your screen. I never took pictures of my earlier projects, but everything I’ve made since the ruffle scarf is there.

Happy Monday!


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  1. April 27, 2010 2:55 am

    Thanks for sharing your story I remember that first thing I knit came out all kinds of odd shaped holes where they shouldn’t have been any missing stitches in one row & extra ones in another granted it was irritating in the beginning to learn but it was worth the effort in the end.

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