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My Amazingly Awesome Saturday

April 17, 2010

As mentioned yesterday, I went to get some red velvet pancakes this morning! I changed my mind last minute though… the french toast sounded so much more exciting! It had nutella in between each slice and was topped with hazelnuts and plantains!!!

LB French Toast

LB French Toast

Nat ended up with the red velvet pancakes (which looked more like cake slices). There was cream cheese in between AND on top. Walnuts also made their way onto the plate…

Red Velvet Pancakes

Red Velvet Pancakes

Sister ordered a delicious veggie egg white omelette. It had goat cheese, zucchini, spinach, and asparagus!


Nige ordered a sandwich. What kind of sandwich? I don’t remember. All I know is it contained meat and the had the word “Italy” in its name.

Justine ordered fish tacos, but they weren’t pretty enough to photograph…

Then, Mid-brunch, I looked up and saw a guy with piercing green eyes about to sit next to a girl who I had previously made eye contact with. I immediately recognized him, but had my doubts. COULD IT BE? AM I DELUSIONAL? IS IT REALLY HIM? His face was then obscured by the people sitting at the table in front of his. I had to wait until they left to see if my hypothesis was correct. I didn’t dare say anything to the people I was dining with for fear of being wrong then embarrassed at my sucky star-recognizing ability. As soon as the people in front of him left, I looked up again and realized I was right.

Why yes, yes it was Jesse freakin’ Williams, AKA McPretty from Grey’s Anatomy! I DIE.

I quickly told my posse what was goin’ down, then tried to focus on my meal and not glance his direction again. It was terribly hard since Nat was sitting right across from me and I was constantly trying to pick at her red velvet pancakes. At one point he got up and walked past our table to the counter, so Justine then offered to snap a picture for me when he got back. My sister followed with, “I’ll take a picture of you two if you want”. Not wanting to bother him, I told the two of them it’s fine, I don’t need a picture. They insisted I just use my phone and quickly take one, I still refused. Finally Justine said, I’ll just pretend to take a picture of Nige when he comes back. Well, he came back, Justine went to the restroom, Sister couldn’t work Justine’s camera, pulled out her own, and I quickly switched seats with Nat. Damn it, I WAS going to get a picture with him, even if he was in the background. Might as well, right? I mean, if sister was going to take a picture whether or not I refused… AND, it’s not considered bothersome, right?

Little did I know, sister wasn’t exactly the most ninja-like person and held the camera up for a LONG time. So long, in fact,  that he had time to realize this and look DIRECTLY AT THE CAMERA. Everyone we showed the picture to said he looks mad, but I just think he looks pretty.

I was laughing hysterically at the lameness of the situation as well as my lack of balls for asking him directly to get a picture.

I, not realizing he spotted Sister, continued to smile at the camera.

He looked up at the 2nd picture my sister took and for the other four after that he just acted like nothing happened. So Jesse Williams, if you ever read this, I’m terribly sorry for the not-so-discreet attempt to capture your prettiness. I hope we didn’t bother you too much. If you would prefer in the future I just go up to you and ask for the picture to get over my giddyness, I will gladly do so.

So after that rather exciting celebrity siting (rhymes are always amusing), I went back home and made myself a skirt! I only had time for a prototype, but hopefully next week I can make a final one.

Skirt Prototype

Hope everyone else’s Saturday was as exciting as mine (though I doubt it) 😉

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  1. April 18, 2010 12:02 am

    “mmMMmm”, everything was derishes! I feel left out my fish tacos weren’t snapped but yea, they were kinda boring looking. Omg, these pics are HILARIOUS, he sure was McPreeeeeeeety!


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