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March 7, 2010

…is my absolute favorite day of the week, and I’ll tell you why.

1. I get to hang out with my family. Most of the time that just means being in the same room, but other times it means dining out. This week it was the latter and we had dim sum!

Dim Sum

2. I can get cupcakes from Starbucks. Why only Saturday? Because during the week all the early birds take them. Why not Sundays? They’re my stay-at-home-in-my-pajamas-all-day-days. I was amazingly lucky and scored a red velvet one this afternoon 😀

Red Velvet Cupcake

3. I have more time to be crafty. Right now I’m going through a sewing phase, but even if I was in a knitting or crocheting one, Saturday would be the day I have the most time to be crafty “for myself” (not for izznit or boojiboo). Today  I finished cutting the quilt pieces and paired the fabrics up. I realized though that I didn’t cut enough blocks–I needed 65 but ended up with 38. Boo.

Pinwheel Quilt Pieces

4. I usually get tattooed. If I’m not hanging out with the fam, eating cupcakes, or being crafty, I’m getting inked. It’s an addiction. I’m at seven right now and made an appointment today for my half sleeve… And to think it hasn’t even been a year since my first! (That’s me getting an owl on my foot. That sucker HURT.)

5. I have time to eat breakfast. Yeah, I know I should eat breakfast everyday, but sometimes I’m running so late I don’t have time to grab something or I just forget. I’m trying to be better at it, but for now, Saturdays are the only days I’m guaranteed breakfast.

Greatest Ham Omelette EVER

So now you’re probably wondering, why is this being posted on a Sunday? Well, Saturday was just so jam-packed with awesomeness I couldn’t do it any sooner.


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