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Magazine Madness

August 13, 2009

Yay for alliteration!

I have this nasty habit of keeping magazines–I don’t care how old they are, but I cannot bring myself to throw them away. I always justify it by saying I’ll need it for an epic collage to cover the walls, I’ll draw on them like a hipster and send them into Nylon, or maybe I’ll just go back and read some of the ‘interesting’ articles. None of that ever happens… but one day way back when, I decided to cut one up into strips to make a vase, where I now keep my sharpie and stabilo pens. Makes me feel all artsy.



And who knew that old magazines could make a wall so intriguing? This is Love Forever posted about decorating Craft Stylish’s booth at the Craft and Hobby Association show. They decided to fold up old magazines and post’em on the wall! There’s also an article about how the idea came around. Uhhh NEAT-O!



If pimp-ass pencil holders or wicked walls (HA! couldn’t think of a ‘w’ adjective) aren’t your cup o’ tea, perhaps a retro mirror will be! Over on the threadbanger blog, Kelsey wrote up this how-to. Personally I like the look of it unpainted, but hey… Whateeeever floats your boat.



Happy Thursday!

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